Aleksander Marin
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"You really have no reason to be mad at me. You broke my heart."
General Information
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Colour Black; blonde highlights
Eye Colour Dark brown
Marital Status Single
Birthday March 24th, 1995
Height 6'3
Occupation(s) Mechanic
Nickname(s) Alek
Family Sofia Marin [Mother]

Unnamed Father [deceased]

Romances Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Series Information
Interests Auto repair


Education Unknown
Talent Unknown
Secrets(s) Unknown
Status Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Last Appearance Unknown
Creator BeautifulChaos
Portrayer Zayn Malik

Aleksander Marin is a character on Maya St. Germain's Fanfiction of Pretty Little Liars. He is portrayed by Zayn Malik.


Aleksander Marin was Rosewood's most feared juvenile delinquent. Wherever trouble led to, he followed. Aleksander was born into the lower-class range and was raised single-handedly by his mother, Sofia Marin. His mother divorced his father and sued him for sexual harassment and abuse. Aleksander's father was thrown into prison after being declared guilty for a verdict of ten years and after serving four years was found dead in his cell by hanging. It left its mark on the young boy who later followed in his footsteps. Aleksander is a troubled soul and often keeps to himself, avoiding any kind of social interaction. He graduated high school and proceeded to skipping college only to become a mechanic at Skeeter's Autos. Aleksander resorts to smoking cigarettes as a sign of release and will often put it in between his lips but not light it, calling it a 'metaphor.' You put the killing thing in between your lips but you don't give it the power to do its killing. 

Aleksander is deeply in love with Cara Forbes and often teases her. She is oblivious to his feelings and since he fears her rejection, he prefers not to let it be known. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aleksander Marin has a slim face, a light beard stubble which he prefers not to shave, and a tan skin colour. He has a dark, tangled mass of black hair which he dyed partly blond after high school and deep, sweet brown eyes. He has a slender nose and thick, average-sized lips. Aleksander is leanly muscular and heavily built with tense biceps and a few tattoos. He almost always carries a lighter in his pocket alongside a friendship bracelet which was given to him in the seventh grade by Cara.