Pyper Bukket
Pyper Main
"How about I punch you in the face"
General Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Green with Brown
Marital Status Unknown
Birthday September 12th
Height 5ft10
Occupation(s) Student at Rosewood High
Nickname(s) Unknown
Family Chloe Bukket (Sister), Cristen Bukket(Mother), Josh Bukket (Father)
Romances Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Series Information
Interests Unknown
Education Unknown
Talent Unknown
Secrets(s) Unknown
Status Unknown
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Unknown
Creator Purple255225
Portrayer Jennifer Lawrence

Pyper Bukket is one of the main characters on Maya St. Germain's Fanfiction of Pretty Little Liars. She is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence.